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Regional Manager / Goldfish Swim School

Suzannah Zachos

““[Cordell] you were fantastic yesterday [speaking to our General Managers]! We enjoyed your fun and games approach to the topic of leadership. Thank you for taking the time to do your research beforehand, it truly felt as if you knew our organization and cared about our values as well.”

Director of Training / Sport Clips

Sandy Craven

“Our franchise has been leveraging short videos to deliver microlearning to the field. The new authoring tool functionality makes it very easy to create and track completion of courses made up of external videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the link, paste, save…voila! This new functionality is a real time saver for the developer and the end user. The Free Add-On Content is a real value add for our users who are always looking to learn, grow, and improve results. Thank you, Tortal!”

Vice President of Brand Experience / Hand and Stone

Cindy Meiskin

“The new authoring tool is a game changer for us. After our training we went right to work. Within a few hours we had 2 new courses launched. We have had multiple team meetings and continue to brainstorm new ideas to disseminate our best practices and protocols to the field. The tool is easy to use and we are excited to expand our library.”

Brett D. Grover / Sr. Training Specialist

Brett D. Grover

I am compelled to express to you how great of a team you have. Brannon, Lee, and Josh (who have been supporting our LMS development) are absolutely wonderful people to work with on this project. Not only are these three gentlemen professional but they are wonderful people who I (personally) have enjoyed getting to know better. I know that you probably know this all too well but I just wanted to express this to you personally! Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you one of these days.

Director of Training & Development, Bojangles

BJ Luther

“We have been working with the Tortal Team for over three years now and they have helped us with taking our Training to the next level. It all started with the strategic planning sessions that assisted in identifying the important steps and direction to lead us to build the training program we needed.

The entire Tortal team helped us look at our business in a way that really helped us understand our learners better and identify what we were trying to accomplish with their Training and Learning Paths.

We consider Tortal as our Partners in Training as we continue to design and develop engaging and meaningful curriculum.”

Executive Vice President, Office Pride

Gerry Henley

“Wow, that is one awesome team. The session was so beneficial to us. Dan was one of the best facilitators I have seen for a while for what he does. We are excited for the next steps.”

General Manager, Profit Mastery

Briana Wentworth

“Our company had been using the same LMS for many years.  It was no longer meeting our expectations so I started to research some alternatives.  Tortal kept popping up in conversations and the feedback was consistently awesome.  I spoke to them at the IFA convention and two years later after several LMSs were vetted, we have decided to go with Tortal.

We just signed our contract last week and we are very excited.  The staff at Tortal (especially Brannon) has been over-the-top supportive.  They have addressed every single concern we had and we’ve had quite a few over that two year period (I have several pages of notes).  Their patience, understanding, and kindness is apparently limitless.  It took us two years to make a decision because switching LMSs is terrifying.  You want to make sure that the process is going to be seamless for your clients and not be a headache for you.

We are just starting the implementation process now and I have no doubts that this is going to be the best thing we’ve done for our company and our clients lately.  Thank you guys.  We are really looking forward to working with you.”

Director of Training, Sport Clips, Inc.

Sandy Craven

“I have worked with Tortal for over 13 years and more recently have had the privilege of serving on  their advisory council to share insights on Client trends and needs. Tortal provides exceptional support on various levels: Their tech support responds quickly and courteously, helping us identify problem causes and implement solutions rapidly.

At the account level, my account rep and the entire team is available and happy to chat with me about my needs and how to plan for upcoming challenges. New features or enhancements are not a mystery: We know well in advance what is coming and often have the opportunity to test and give feedback to help ensure that (1) I understand how to use the new features and (2) the needs of my clients (in a large franchise organization) are aided by the feature(s)  in some way.

The folks at Tortal are always learning, and strive to share their learnings with Clients. That means they also listen to their Clients and ask for input regularly to ensure they are providing valuable services.”

CEO My Power Solutions

Kevin Lowther

“Dan Black and the Tortal team really walked us through our business in a way that really helped us understand our business better and identify what we were trying to accomplish with our training. Their strategic planning sessions along with their challenging questions helped us identify the important steps in the process and lead us to build the final training program we needed.

Thank you very much for everything and we can’t wait till we start our sales and franchise development program with your team.”

CEO, Director Poverty Dignified, Inc.

Kevin Lowther

“The design curriculum helped us understand our business better by breaking down each individual workflow and helped identify our process. We then set priorities and set action steps to accomplish our goals.”