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What is OpenSesame?

OpenSesame is an e-learning advisor that seamlessly integrates into Tortal’s Learning Management System (LMS) to provide users with a vast catalogue of high-quality curated training materials. With over 20,000+ courses in 130 categories to choose from, OpenSesame helps our customers build impressive training programs with ease. Since OpenSesame is synced to Tortal’s LMS, the service is available to all companies and individuals using our learning tool. When you need to build quality, premier courseware for your company, look no further. Tortal and OpenSesame will provide you with functional courses to fulfill your company’s training requirements.

How can OpenSesame courses help my training?

Your training materials have never looked better with the help of OpenSesame. All Tortal LMS users have access to OpenSesame’s professionally curated content with the click of a button. In addition to being easy to filter to find your desired training programs, these top-notch designs are proven to get higher training completion rates and quick results. Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy with the use of OpenSesame under Tortal’s LMS:
• Easy to Use
• Seamless Integration with LMS
• High-Quality Courseware
• Saves Time and Energy
• Curated by the World’s Top Publishers
• Improves Learning and Development Strategies

Why Tortal?

Tortal’s premier LMS matched with OpenSesame’s services deliver unmatched value. We decided to partner with OpenSesame to give our LMS subscribers the best possible user experience. With the seamless integration of two high-quality services, Tortal LMS users can select from a library of beautiful and effective courseware and eLearning programs with ease.

When it comes to our premier LMS, we want to make sure that we offer nothing but the best. We truly believe that OpenSesame’s curated courses will help our clients create quality programs and further their path to success.

OpenSesame FAQs

1) How do I know if OpenSesame courses are available for my business?
With over 20,000 courses in 130 categories, OpenSesame is likely to cover all your business training needs and desires. You can browse their online training courses to see what courses fit your training curriculum or contact their support team with any questions!

2) Why should I use OpenSesame Courses instead of creating my own?
By using OpenSesame’s pre-designed courses, you can start building your impressive training program today. In addition to saving time and effort, OpenSesame’s vast catalog of curated eLearning courses are high-quality, easy to use and user friendly. With over 20,000 courses to choose from, you can find the perfect training program to fit your company’s diverse needs and culture. From courseware designed to develop business skills to safety tests and certifications, OpenSesame has it all.

3) Are OpenSesame courses mobile friendly?
For the most part, yes. Since Adobe will discontinue their Flash Player in 2020, most companies have started to transfer their corporate and training materials from Flash to a mobile-friendly platform called HTML5.
In preparation for this change, as of January 2018, OpenSesame has banned the addition of all Flash-enabled content and is switching over their existing content to be HTML5 compatible. Any remaining Flash content will be removed from OpenSesame’s course catalog by Dec. 31, 2018. You can use the site’s “Mobile Ready” filter to remove Flash options and exclusively browse HTML5 courseware.
If your training materials currently run on Flash, contact the professionals at Tortal to help you navigate this change, or for more information, check out our free publication about how to prepare The Death of Flash.

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