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What is the Rapid Curriculum Design Workshop?

In the simplest of terms: we partner with businesses to identify their knowledge gaps, determine all training needs, and design a curriculum to achieve their overall goals. In our one- or two-day workshops, we engage directly with the employees who have the most information to provide. Based on the outcomes from these workshops, a detailed blueprint is provided to the organization along with curriculum goals and strategies on how to implement the curriculum. We run pilot phases to test the curriculum and implementation plan with our target audience. Feedback from these phases is critical to develop the final curriculum that will be rolled out to the business. This multi-faceted approach allows for rapid delivery with immediate results.

Benefits of the Rapid Curriculum Design Curriculum Workshop

A Rapid Curriculum Design Workshop is intended to identify all the elements necessary for success. Tortal Training creates an active learning experience with a blend of proven strategies and customizable approaches. The Rapid Design Curriculum Workshop is a priceless investment to ensure the success of an organization. Benefits include:

  • Assessment of Needs and Expectations: An analysis of the organization identifies company needs, and what current training and supports are in place.
  • Problem Solving for Businesses: As a team, we determine what changes and supports are required to meet and surpass performance goals.
  • Customizable Strategies: There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to developing curriculums. Each curriculum is developed specifically for an organization.
  • Evidence-Based Learning Techniques: Learners are provided information in a deconstructed manner to improve the learning curve. Innovation, empathy mapping and design thinking are a sampling of the tenants included in a program.
  • Professional Blueprint: No more guessing games. Organizations are given a blueprint with a detailed plan on how to achieve superior job performance across sectors.
  • Asset Delivery: Curriculum assets are provided as a way to enable success.
  • Evolving curriculum: A trial and error process is utilized to determine what works for an organization and what doesn’t.
  • Rapid results: Analysis, implementation and pilot strategies are executed in a time-sensitive manner to achieve faster results.

Why Tortal?

Rapid delivery is key to this process. Instead of trying to reach goals through a year worth of meetings, companies implement strategies in a fraction of the time. The CEO of CityWide, a large commercial cleaning organization with a wide disparate workforce put it best when he said, “This is the best $10,000 my organization has ever spent.” Our methodologies focus on strategic engagement to maximize training success.

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