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What is Training Needs Assessment?

A training needs assessment is a critical step in developing a plan of action to improve performance within a specific area of your business. Through this assessment, Tortal Training can identify the tasks employees need to complete to effectively perform their role, as well as identify any performance gaps. To determine training needs, performance results are gathered through feedback with current staff and review of any current relevant reports. We ultimately evaluate the current state of job performance and define goals moving forward.

Benefits of Training Needs Assessment

Conducting a Training Needs Assessment with Tortal Training helps achieve the best return possible within an organization. Performance needs are paired with strategies developed to rectify any lags within an organization.

  • Identify Performance Gaps: At the conclusion of the Training Needs Assessment, performance gaps are identified to management.
  • Customizable Assessments: In larger organizations, surveying a large number of employees is not only problematic, but time consuming. Groups are created to streamline the reporting process while conducting assessments.
  • Staff Feedback: Our results and recommendations are gathered through surveys from all parties involved including supervisors, staff leaders and support staff.
  • Results for Performance Reviews: Training Needs Assessment results can be added to performance reviews and used to develop individualized performance strategies.
  • Obstacles Identified: Training Needs Assessments delve deep into the ins and outs of an organization, and will identify internal and external performance barriers.
  • Accessible Objectives: Results pave the way for the creation of objectives that are achievable.
  • Task Breakdown: Each job is listed with required duties to conclude the areas that require more training to best perform job duties.

Why Tortal?

Tortal Training specializes in developing effective and user-friendly training needs assessments. We employ a blend of strategies to collect and analyze data based on the structure of the business. Our methodologies are based on vast experience and the knowledge of what strategies prompt results.

Training Needs Assessment FAQs

  1. What type of tactics does Tortal Training use for needs assessments?
    Tortal Training will perform a benchmark analysis at the start to gain insight into performance goals and current levels of competency. Surveys, focus groups and interview sessions will likely take place over the course of the assessment period.
  2. What happens after a Training Needs Assessment?
    Once a Training Needs Assessment is conducted, and the tasks employees need to complete to effectively perform their role and performance gaps have been identified, the next step would be to design and launch effective training programs within an organization.

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