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What are Training Games and Simulations?

Games and simulations are often an under-utilized form of training. Tortal Training has helped organizations achieve impressive performance results with the inclusion of training games and simulations. Game-based learning experiences rely on simulations to train employees on performance tasks. For instance, a fast food staff member can learn a POS system through an interactive game.

Benefits of Games and Simulations

Developing games and simulations for training purposes will make training fun and inviting for all learners. Tortal Training keeps up to date with the latest advances in the extremely fast evolving game development industry to maximize results.

  • Easy to Understand: Research shows that learners find the concepts presented in games and simulations are easier to grasp than traditional text-based training manuals.
  • Targeted Development: Our development team assists with creating games and simulations that will resonate most with staff members. For instance, 3D images may have a more profound impact than 2D imaging.
  • Sticky Learning: Gamification is a design technique employed to ensure that training sticks due to increased engagement.
  • Interactive: Learners are required to interact in games and simulations, which helps guarantee information is being processed.
  • Strength and Weakness Measurements: Games and simulations enable quick analysis to pinpoint areas where additional training is required. Better job task management is enabled as well.
  • Real-Life Experiences: Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have enabled our team to bring detailed and realistic learning experiences into the hands of our clients

Why Tortal?

Games and simulations have become an integral part of the services offered by Tortal Training due to its effectiveness. Our Learning Development team creates games and simulations that make learning fun, but also keeps learning sticky. Virtual reality and augmented reality offerings have become one of our most requested services since it is conducive to on-demand learning. Our in-house talent contacts are unmatched in the industry with countless options for choosing the best talent for an organization’s game or simulation.

Games and Simulations FAQs

  1. Is audio included in games and simulations developed by Tortal Training?
    Tortal Training has access to a large cache of voice-over talent. Our development team assists in choosing audio that resonates the most with an organization’s target audience. A wide range of accents and language offerings are available.