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What are LMS Customizations?

Our comprehensive learning management system allows users to create their ideal training programs in one, easy-to-use space. There are two main layers of customizations to take advantage of in our state-of-the-art LMS: Branding and Technical.

  • Branding Customizations/Branded LMS: Branding lms customizations are front-facing customizations within the LMS. This means that visual changes are made for the user’s experience. You can modify your platform to imitate the system that feeds users into the LMS, such as an an HR system or an internal communication hub. This allows for cohesive branding with your company’s logo, iconography and color.
  • Technical Customizations: On the flip side, technical customizations are back-end customizations. This type of customization makes it possible for LMS admins to provide a link into and exchange data with the new system. For example, if a new user is added to your system, you can feed that information to our LMS. This will allow you to create a user, put them in a pre-determined group (or create a group if needed) and enroll them into some courses.

Additionally, a user can also implement some custom tracking through a set of courses or curriculum. When it comes to Tortal’s LMS, there are limitless LMS capabilities around integration and data exchange.

Benefits of LMS Customizations

A few benefits of our LMS customizations include:

  • Streamline processes
  • Cohesive processes; all processes behave the same through your integrated system
  • Eliminate user error
  • Cohesive branding

Why Tortal Training?

Tortal Training is a trusted learning technology expert. Being well-versed in learning processes, our professionals can help guide you through from concept to execution. We can also assist by ensuring all processes are followed and learning elements are preserved the way they should be. Tortal support and customization capabilities are available to our partners.

LMS Customizations FAQs

1) How do APIs work?

At Tortal, we are well versed in application program interfaces (API) integration to accomplish organization objectives. An API is a software that allows two or more systems to communicate with each other. This feature is essential for LMS systems as it makes the system easy to use and engaging for our users.

2) How do I get started with LMS Customizations?

Our professionals have extensive industry knowledge in various sales and project management tools like Word Press and SalesForce, and our state-of-the-art LMS. So, when you’re ready to build courseware and integrate internal systems with our LMS, our team is there to help you get rolling.  Additionally, this allows admins to skip a huge part of the discovery or scoping process.

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