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Innovate Your Workforce With a Mobile LMS

A common problem with many skilled trades and retailers is learning how to balance employee training with a busy work schedule. Job responsibilities are often brought to a halt when employees have to sit at a computer and complete essential training.

However, this problem is not solely experienced by members of the trade and retail industry. For years, companies felt suffocated due to a lack of flexibility in eLearning delivery. How do you train your staff while ensuring the job gets done in the field or between routine tasks?

Thanks to the ever-changing landscape of technology, companies now have access to professional mLearning (mobile learning) tools with a Mobile Learning Management System or mobile LMS. This revolutionary method of training is going to change the way you and your employees train by putting the learning in the palm of your hand.

What Is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning with an LMS takes all the training functionality of your office computer and puts it in your personal (or work) mobile device such as a phone or tablet.  With professional mobile LMS software, you can maximize productivity while maintaining the level of training required to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile solutions are the future of the training industry, and you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  At Tortal Training, our mLearning software takes all of the effectiveness of our acclaimed LMS and makes it accessible anywhere on any mobile device.

Benefits of Employee Training on Mobile Devices

The ability to learn away from the office empowers your workforce to become champions of their learning.

A mobile LMS brings education to the place where the work happens. You won’t need to print visual aids because all materials are accessible on your cellphone screen. Time that would otherwise be lost becomes a productive training experience.

Time is money, and keeping your employees in the office for training can take up a significant amount of time. The ability to solve real-world problems on the job will increase their confidence in themselves, and your customer’s confidence in you.

With a mobile LMS, information on industry changes can be shared with your employees in real time. New business practices or processes no longer require a time-consuming meeting with everyone being pulled away from more productive work.

  • Accessibility: The ability to solve many of the problems you run into while on the go will lead to increased production and decreased downtime.
  • Ease of use: Many of your employees are already well-versed in the use of mobile technology.
  • Collaboration: The ability to capture information on a mobile device and send it to your team will create a culture of teamwork and community.
  • Constant learning: All work becomes a training experience with aids on your mobile device. A mobile LMS is the pinnacle of hands-on learning.

How to Implement Employee Training on Mobile Devices

Now that you’ve decided to embrace the future with a mobile LMS solution, how are you going to get your employees invested in the change?

Luckily, most individuals spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices as it is. They may have even experienced a situation out of the office where they didn’t have all the answers. In that case, the ability to look them up on the spot will be an invaluable asset to both you and your team.

A mobile LMS makes use of the habits and mannerisms that we’ve already developed in our free time into a proper work function. How often have you wanted the answer to a question and simply pulled out your mobile device to look it up? This works exactly the same way with information and learning tailored to you and your business.

Why Tortal?

Change is always scary, but knowing you have experience on your side can make the transition much smoother. Tortal has been training the world’s workforce since 2000. Teaching is what we do, and our success comes from continually learning ourselves.

Mobile eLearning is the future of training. With a mobile LMS, the experience of the end-users – you and your team – is always at the forefront during software development. That is what we have done for all of your eLearning needs, and that is what we will do for your mLearning needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us one of the top LMS providers in the country.  Allow us to make your mobile LMS transition as seamless as possible and contact us today.

mLearning Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between eLearning and mLearning? 

eLearning, or electronic learning, is learning with your computer or even a laptop. mLearning, or mobile learning, is the ability to learn on a mobile device on the go.

2) Why would my employees need access to training materials on the go? 

Sometimes having your training materials with you can be the difference between getting the job done and being forced to reschedule.

Example: If you’re an HVAC repair company, an employee could figure out how to troubleshoot an uncommon problem they are having without being forced to call someone else or leaving the job site.

3) Is there a difference between mobile-friendly training and training designed for mobile?

Yes. Mobile-friendly training is built for desktop and is available on mobile and is not specifically designed for mobile. If your employees will need to access your training materials on the go, mobile-friendly training is not always the best practice. Training designed specifically for mobile devices like a mobile LMS offers unique engagement opportunities for learners. We build training materials specifically for mobile use.

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