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Training development solutions
customized to your needs

Every business has unique needs and goals. Tortal knows this, and works hand in hand with our clients to determine the most effective onboarding and continuing learning development programs for our clients. We first take the time to understand the challenges you are facing, and then build customized training development solutions around them. With our extensive background in employee training, we can develop a training solution and corporate training strategy that helps your company meet all of its short- and long-term goals.

We are a full-service training organization that provides everything your company needs to launch a successful training program, including an innovative learning management system, pre-built online courses, and facilitated exercises. As a learning company, we focus on keeping the client front and center. You become our partner as we develop an employee training and development strategy together.

Tortal is the leading training organization for franchises, but our client portfolio is highly diverse and includes the food & hospitality, automotive, heavy duty trucking, power equipment, home maintenance, healthcare industries, and many more. Find out how Tortal can enhance your employee training program.

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    Employee Training Features

    Learning Management Solution

    Our LMS houses all of your online training and deploys the information in a simple, effective way. Employees will be able to access specific training courses at their own time and complete it at their own pace.

    Self-Authoring Tool

    Turn the content from your company’s training documents and videos into customized eLearning experiences right in the LMS.

    Metrics and Measurement

    Define trackable benchmarks so you can easily measure the results of your training and evaluate the impact training has on your profits and operations. You’ll be able to tell who has completed training programs and how effectively they’re implementing their new knowledge.

    Automatic Communications

    Companies can send automatic reminders to trainees through the LMS after they’ve completed the training. This helps boost knowledge retention and the application of learned techniques.

    Facilitated Exercises

    A curriculum workshop, or rapid curriculum design workshop, is a one- or two-day facilitated workshop during which we partner with you to identify the knowledge gaps within your organization and design a curriculum to achieve your business’ goals. After the workshop, we deliver a blueprint that explains how to implement the curriculum and measure success.

    Blended learning compatibility

    Numerous studies on training strategy have revealed that people learn better when presented with a blended learning approach. One example is having both instructor-led training and hands-on training. We support blended learning with our LMS and other training solutions.


    Gamified learning, an upcoming employee training strategy, allows workers to earn badges or certifications as they complete necessary training materials. Games switch up the training content and increase engagement.

    Access to OpenSesame courses

    OpenSesame is a curator of training content. When you partner with Tortal, you will be able to search, review, and demo their more than 20,000 ready-made online training courses. The courses cover general workplace topics.

    Standout Customer Support

    Our tier-1 level support provides help for the day-to-day questions or issues that arise. We partner with a single point of contact at your organization to ensure information is properly understood and disseminated throughout the organization. We are also quick to mobilize our support team whenever you need us.

    24/7 Knowledge Base

    As part of our customer support, we offer a repository of articles and videos about Tortal’s training development solutions that can be accessed any time.

    Benefits of Our Employee Training Solutions

    When employees don’t receive sufficient training, or do not learn and retain the information, they are more likely to make mistakes or take longer to complete a job. This can negatively impact the bottom line of a business. We want to make sure that the employees you train are not only being properly trained, but also know how to apply training strategies on the job.

    Our employee training strategies have helped improve the recall of information learning and decrease the turnover rate of employees. We design solutions for onboarding and just-in-time training so employees can revisit a training when they need to. These are some of the benefits associated with Tortal’s employee training solutions.


    We know that your training and professional development needs will change over time. Our agile employee training solutions scale with your business as it grows and evolves.


    From out-of-the-box solutions to head-to-toe customizations of the entire employee training process, our training solutions are adjusted to meet your business’ unique needs.


    We build solutions that actually make sense for our clients, rather than needlessly trying to dazzle them with the latest and greatest technology. The needs of our clients influence every update we make to our LMS software and other services.


    We don’t expect you to be a master of technology in order to get the most out of our solutions. That’s why we make our LMS software easy to use and straightforward to implement into your existing training program.


    Multi-factor authentication and account verification steps help increase security of each client’s account. We secure and protect your private information.

    How we Customize Employee Training

    Customized employee training is our specialty. We need to first understand what your training needs and company goals are. Our team will talk with you about what current training systems you have in place and whether or not the training content is already developed.

    Then, using our expertise in corporate training strategy, we suggest a blend of services and a training program development strategy that best fits your unique needs and goals. We can also set up individualized tracking and reports so you can view the progress of each employee, or group of employees, over time. The reports will always be available in real time for the most accurate information.

    We can customize every part of the training program, including the:

    • Interface
    • Notifications
    • Reports
    • Tracking widgets
    • Delivery of the data
    • Private APIs
    • And more

    Enhance Your Training with Online Courses

    Getting everyone in the same room to train together can be challenging. But a lot of traditional eLearning authoring tools aren’t very easy to deploy, either.

    Tortal’s learning management system software is intuitive and easy to use. You’ll be able to upload online training content with ease, and it will already be mobile optimized. Your comprehensive lessons that include videos, text, and supporting materials can all be hosted within Tortal.

    With online training courses, employees can access onboarding and learning development training at convenient times, and managers can view employees’ progress in real time. Online courses will transform your training program.

    How an Employee Training Solution Supports the Growth of Franchises

    A successful training program development strategy ensures that each employee receives equivalent training, no matter where the franchise is located or what the managing style is of the local franchise owner. A learning management system and integrated training program provides instant access to training statistics and updates.

    Tortal’s modern LMS delivers the right training to the right people. Easily track which employees have completed different courses and how they are scoring on tests and more. This information can help you modify and improve your employee training strategy. If, for example, lots of people are missing the same questions on tests after watching training videos, you know which training videos to update.

    Your entire training program becomes unified in one place, almost as if you are training employees in a single location. And if you are launching a new product or altering one aspect of your customer service, all your employees across the state or country gain immediate access to the new training.

    The benefits of a unified training program include:

    • Creates brand consistency
    • Improves customer service
    • Increases efficiency, sales, and profit

    What Tortal Clients Say

    “Our franchise has been leveraging short videos to deliver microlearning to the field. The new authoring tool functionality makes it very easy to create and track completion of courses made up of external videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the link, paste, save … voila! This new functionality is a real time saver for the developer and the end user. The Free Add-On Content is a real value add for our users who are always looking to learn, grow, and improve results. Thank you, Tortal!”

    — Sandy Craven, Director of Training, Sports Clips

    “We have been working with the Tortal team for over three years and they have helped us with taking our Training to the next level. It all started with the strategic planning sessions that assisted in identifying the important steps and direction to lead us to build the training program we needed.

    The entire Tortal team helped us look at our business in a way that really helped us understand our learners better, and identified what we were trying to accomplish with their training and learning paths.

    We consider Tortal our partners in training as we continue to design and develop engaging and meaningful curriculum.”

    — BJ Luther, Director of Training & Development at Bojangles

    “We are very fortunate to have a great Tortal Support Team! The Support team is very knowledgeable and always promptly addresses all issues through resolution. We appreciate this level of support provided to our Academy students and our teammates.”

    — Foot Solutions

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