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I have a new product I need to educate my employees and customers about because it can significantly increase my revenue.


Our client, a national chain of Spas, developed a new machine to help their front desk personnel analyze a customer’s face characteristics. The result of using this complex analysis machine would recommend personalized products and services offered by the business thus increasing sales dramatically. This innovative technology required a number of new skills for the front desk personnel: accurate use of the machine which required technical knowledge, cognitive skills for introducing the new process to the customer in a comfortable way, analytical skills to process the results and finally product knowledge to identify the appropriate products or service related to the results.

Innovative technology required a number of new skills for the front desk personnel


The solution was an interactive, mixed media online learning module immersing the learner in the entire process. Tortal Training team’s first step was to develop training for the front desk personnel on how to use the machine. Next, we developed a course where they interacted with a virtual machine training the team on how to interpret the results. Following that, the learner was presented with product knowledge training. The final step of training had the learner process different scenarios and relate the results to potential product or service solutions. The solution incorporated micro videos, challenging games, scenario based testing, visual, auditory and written stimuli all wrapped up in an online package so it could be easily implemented across a wide geographic area at nominal cost.

Developed training for the front desk personnel on how to use the machine

Business Results:

A learning challenge was issued to the front desk team which resulted in a 97% penetration rate. The company supported the training launch effort by providing incentives for scoring excellence. Each spa location experienced an average increase of 27% within 3 months of analysis occurrences which resulted in 12% – 23% increase in average customer order.  As of this writing, the impact on revenue was not available.

12%-23% increase in average customer order