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What Is a Self-Authoring Tool?

Self-authoring tools allow you to take the wheel of your company’s online training development, and with Tortal Training, creating homemade e-learning content is easier than ever. Tortal Training’s Self-Authoring Tool is conveniently built into its Online Learning Center and allows people with non-technical backgrounds to easily upload content into a Learning Management System (LMS) under the HTML5 format. This type of format simplifies operations by offering drag and drop capabilities and multiple-choice selections.

Benefits of the Self-Authoring Tool

Our Self-Authoring Tool allows you to develop online training content that is unique and highly representative of your company.  Your business is one-of-a-kind and, in turn, requires content geared specifically to your needs. Some of the many benefits you’ll find while using our Self-Authoring Tool include:

  • Less Technical Issues: Self-authoring tools are designed in a way to reduce the number of bugs and issues encountered when managing e-learning materials. IT specialists are no longer required to verify updates and installs.
  • Cloud-Based Access: Self-authoring tools are accessible online at any location. Data is saved and backed up automatically—allowing you to return to your work at any time.
  • Collaborative Environment: Since self-authoring tools are in the cloud, anyone can work on e-learning materials no matter where they are in the world. This expands your talent pool to include anyone with online access. Team-based generated content is more likely to be engaging since they are created through collaborations.
  • Quick Launches: With self-authoring tools, you’re not going to experience development delays. Access is granted instantly and content can go live based around your schedule.
  • Content Safeguarding: Cloud-based tools are password protected and are hosted on an encrypted network. All data is secured with you in control of who has access to materials.
  • More Flexibility: Self-authoring allows you to use the specific tools you need. There’s scalability too since more team members can be added based on company growth.
  • Mobile Friendly: E-learning can be done everywhere—including on mobile devices. Self-authoring tools are available that can help you create mobile-friendly content.

Why Tortal Training?

Tortal Training has the expertise to offer assistance with the development, deployment and support of all e-learning materials. With a customizable approach to each client, all virtual learning materials developed with our authoring tools provide superior training opportunities. Our development team has worked with companies that have complex and varied workforces and delivered products that ensured measurable long-term results.

Self-Authoring Tool FAQs

1)Are self-authoring tools cross-platform?

The good news is that all web browsers have the capabilities to stream HTML5 content on any type of device. Learning materials developed can be accessed through Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

2)What kind of training is required to use self-authoring tools?

One of the best aspects of self-authoring tools through Tortal Training is that no coding experience or specialized training is required. Tortal Training will offer support for any technical issues encountered when using self-authoring tools.

3)What types of tracking tools are available when authoring e-learning content?

If you’re developing training content for your employees, you want to know the effectiveness of the program. Reporting tools can be added to display the number of employees who completed the course and the number of questions answered correctly if quizzes were included. More insights can be shared such as type of device used for course and the number of course launches.

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