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What Is Video-Based Training?

Video-based training is an approach to make learning new concepts engaging and easy to understand. Tortal Training develops and produces videos to breakdown tasks for widespread adaptability within an organization. With many learners being visual learners, concepts are more likely to stick in this format. Tortal Training handles all aspects of video training including script development, casting, filming and post-production editing.

Benefits of Video-Based Training

Training videos can range from short training tutorials to a series of long-form training exercises. Tortal Training simplifies the process for the client by handling all the legwork involved with producing a professional-quality video production.

  • Training Consistency: Like other training types, all staff members are provided an identical learning experience with video training. This will ensure staff are on the same page when they all view the same training videos.
  • Customized Training: Each company is different and requires specific training needs. With video training developed after an assessment of learning objectives, the best training materials are produced to reach the target audience.
  • Professional Quality: Recording videos in-house for training purposes has inconsistent results. Professional video quality is a worthwhile investment to engage learners.
  • New Hire Training: New hires have a lot to learn as they start a job. Developing a training video library assists in getting new staff members onboarded and ready to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Breakdown Silos: Videos are one training tool that can assist in cross-training departments as a way for all groups to understand roles within the company.
  • Leadership Training: Management training has unfortunately been put on the back burner by many organizations. Video-based training allows for leadership coaching without pulling managers away from their duties for extended periods of time

Why Tortal?

Tortal Training also specializes in delivering videos in multiple languages. Our translation services don’t focus on words alone—it focuses on translating in a way to maximize impact.

Video-Based Training FAQs

  1. What type of casting is required for video productions?
    The cast used in the videos will be carefully chosen by Tortal Training to best reflect an organization’s learning objectives. Training videos may involve more than one individual speaking directly into the camera. For instance, role-playing can make video training fun and sticky. Allowing employees to see simulated scenarios and what is expected of them during challenging situations is extremely useful.