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Get the Most out of Your Training with Custom eLearning Solutions

If you want your trainees to truly learn and apply their knowledge, custom eLearning course development is the best solution. It may take a little more time upfront than simply using pre-built courses, but the return on investment is worth it. Custom eLearning solutions allow you to develop and design custom online training that best fits your industry and unique brand.

At Tortal, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses in a diverse range of industries with eLearning course development. The businesses we work with are able to create a one-of-a-kind educational platform that helps them realize their company’s vision and goals.

Our learning development services include:

  • eCourse creation
  • Custom badges and certificates
  • Gamification tools
  • Progress tracking and metrics
  • Group chat
  • Custom online training development team
  • Continuous customer support

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    What Is Custom eLearning Courseware Design and Development?

    Custom eLearning course development allows businesses to create training programs tailored to their brand, values, processes, and company culture. Virtual training sessions provide a cost-effective way to deliver relevant tools and courses to members of an organization.

    Businesses can build off existing training programs to develop a more interactive, engaging, and versatile eLearning solution. Or, they can build a training program from scratch by writing, filming, and uploading video training courses to the Tortal platform.

    Building custom online training with Tortal means your business can upload your logo, colors, and design to the learning management system (LMS) to create a truly customized product. It also means that there can be unique learning paths for each employee. Trainees complete only relevant training and never waste time learning information that doesn’t apply to them. Custom eLearning course development can be implemented by both small businesses and large franchises with locations around the world.

    Benefits of Custom E-Learning

    Discover why thousands of businesses have chosen custom eLearning solutions.

    Increased Relevancy & Knowledge Retention

    Businesses that design and develop custom e-learning solutions can be selective in the scenarios and examples they use to train. Instead of depending on generic examples to teach a principle or skill, the custom online training can include specific examples in the workplace. This helps employees understand the concept and how they will apply it to their job.

    More Employee Engagement

    Businesses can add their own personal flair to their training, which can help boost employee engagement. Training can include fun and engaging exercises to break up the learning. Plus, the increased relevance in the information being taught improves the chances of trainees remaining engaged throughout training videos. They are more likely to relate to the content and be engaged in the custom online training.

    Supports the Brand Image

    Pre-built courses do not provide an accurate picture of how a company operates, because the courses were not designed by the organization itself. Custom eLearning design, however, makes it possible for companies to customize the training to match their brand image, company values, and overall company culture. Companies can teach about the company’s values while training employees on their day-to-day tasks. This helps ensure that every new employee has a true understanding of the full brand vision.

    Allows Meaningful Feedback

    The process of eLearning course development isn’t just about creating training courses; it’s also about designing assessments and feedback to ensure information is being retained and applied. When your eLearning is customized, trainees receive meaningful feedback as it relates to their work. This can help them hone their skills while understanding where they are excelling. A well-designed feedback system can increase an employee’s motivation to learn. Assessment results and feedback from employees on the training can also help the business amend its training to better teach the core skills or information.

    Our Custom e-Learning Development Features

    Tortal provides a full suite of custom eLearning course development services.

    • eLearning Design: Businesses can design the front-facing eLearning training solutions to improve the user’s experience. This includes using a logo, iconography, and colors that match your company’s brand, as well as learner paths that guide employees through the training.
    • Custom Training: Our development team works side-by-side with an organization to create an ideal learning environment and virtual training videos. These tools deliver real-time training to members of an organization.
    • Unique scenarios: eLearning Courseware include scenarios and data pertinent only to the organization’s sector. For instance, sexual harassment training can be conducted online and take into account past complaints experienced within the business or common to the industry.
    • Interactive: Video-based training, games, chat areas and other features keep trainees engaged in the courses and improves knowledge retention.
    • Leverage 4D Process: Tortal Training handles every step of the process, from courseware needs assessment to design and deployment.
    • Cloud-Based Access: Training materials are accessible online at any location by smartphones, tablets and computers.
    • Technical Customizations: Businesses can implement their custom online training videos with other software solutions. Tortal has APIs that allow the LMS to link and exchange data with other softwares. There are near-limitless capabilities around integration and data exchange.

    Why Tortal?

    Tortal Training has the expertise to develop, deploy, and support all eLearning materials. With a customized solution for each client, virtual learning materials provide superior training opportunities. Our development team has worked with companies that have complex and varied workforces, and delivered products that ensured measurable long-term results. Our custom eLearning solutions meet each client’s requirements and provide everything they need to excel.

    Tortal’s Outstanding Customer Support

    Tortal’s customer support stands out as one of the best in the industry. We serve as your guide to develop custom online training, then put that training into action. Our support staff works with business owners and HR professionals to answer questions not only about our services, but also about best practices for company training solutions.

    When making recommendations, we focus on your business’ goals and needs. Our experience crafting expert solutions for multiple industries helps us look at problems in different ways. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach for company training, and the same is true for problems you encounter. We genuinely listen to your concerns and questions so we can suggest helpful solutions.

    Our support team is available via:

    • Phone: Talk with an actual person who understands your custom eLearning development solutions between Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time
    • Email: We respond to your support requests quickly, and guarantee you’ll get an answer within 24 hours.
    • LMS Knowledge Base: 24/7, you can access answers to the most common questions from Tortal questions.

    Custom eLearning FAQs

    • Are e-courses only offered online?
      Although most organizations prefer online development and delivery, additional options are available. For instance, e-courses can be downloaded via CDs or DVDs. Podcasts are another form of training that can be developed if that is the best way to reach the target audience.
    • How do I begin the eLearning course development process?
      Our development team first wants to understand your goals for your new training program. Once we receive that information from you, we can help you select tools and features that will help you accomplish those goals.

    We also want to know about your existing training program — in particular, what is working and what is not. If there are any training videos or courses you want to integrate into your new custom eLearning solution, we’ll talk with you about how to integrate them with new training solutions. We will guide you throughout the process to ensure you are set up to succeed.

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