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At Tortal Training, our success is defined by the success of our clients.

We strive to achieve client success by meeting the needs of our users with a comprehensive, holistic approach to problem-solving that offers Tortal’s professional guidance and expertise at each stage of the employee training process.

To deliver on this commitment, we’ve crafted expert solutions to a variety of training support needs. All our support is carried out through a creative team of professionals who understand the needs of our clients, from business owners and franchisers to human resource professionals.

Types of Support We Provide

Tortal’s expert support staff is available to resolve matters regarding our training materials, eLearning solutions, or to address technical support concerns through a variety of channels including virtual support, telephone assistance, and 24/7 access to our extensive online knowledge base.

Free LMS Support

Anyone using our free LMS for up to 25 users has instant access to our LMS knowledge base, with details on the Tortal LMS, how to use it, and custom solutions. The knowledge base can help you quickly find answers to your questions and solve common concerns or use issues with your free LMS.

Full LMS Support

Clients using our full LMS that have questions or concerns regarding any Tortal Training support topic may direct inquiries to our dedicated team of experts by phone or email. All clients also have 24/7 access to our complete LMS knowledge base.

Phone: Experts are available to assist clients with our full LMS and custom learning solutions via phone Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Email: Email us any time, any day at Inquiries received from during non-business hours are prioritized with a 24-hour response time to ensure that all matters regarding our training solutions are evaluated and promptly resolved with the assistance of skilled experts. Email support is available to all clients using the full Tortal LMS or one of our custom solutions.

Online LMS Knowledge Base: Have an LMS-related question? Our comprehensive LMS knowledge base is equipped to address a range of support topics regarding our learning management system, training materials, and custom learning solutions. It’s easy to use and contains reliable, accessible troubleshooting and help guides detailing our most common questions and concerns are available to users on our free or paid LMS options twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Access our knowledge base anytime at

The Importance of Reliable Support

Our creative problem solving helps businesses get more done in less time, whether by way of our innovative eLearning solutions or through our one-on-one approach to resolving client concerns. Each step of Tortal’s support system is tailored to produce results, develop client success plans, and provide technical resolutions that improve user experience.

Use our support to help:

  • Resolve LMS problems that are decreasing productivity
  • Improve employee training to increase efficiency and work quality
  • Reduce hours spent on training administration to free up time for innovation

To make your entire support experience easier, we’ve streamlined each stage of the troubleshooting procedure. Solution-oriented support is available to all clients utilizing Tortal Training’s LMS or services in a way that is easy to navigate, maximizing the efficacy of our eLearning solutions and training resources.

To ensure that each Tortal Training client receives prompt, reliable support, our team of dedicated professionals provides the following:

1. Timely, Success-Driven Solutions

Our strategic support solutions ensure that client questions and concerns are evaluated in a timely, results-driven manner so you don’t have to sit on the phone for hours or wait days for an email response. We provide users with a series of troubleshooting steps, action plans, and evidence-based solutions that help you improve your KPIs.

2. Strategic Support that Maximizes Training Resources

Let our team of client support specialists use their industry-leading expertise to brainstorm timely and efficient solutions that help your team get back on track, simplifying employee training solutions.

3. Dynamic, Tailored Problem-Solving Techniques

Depending on where you are in your employee training roadmap, you’ll need different support. We tailor all our support to where you’re at now – and where you want to go. From live support options, telephone assistance, or by way of our expansive online knowledge base, Tortal Training will work with you to design a solution for your problem.

Human Support for Business Results

Tortal Training support specialists are equipped to address an extensive range of questions and concerns to help our clients maximize the benefits of our training materials, custom eLearning solutions, and learning management resources.

Tortal’s expert team of support staff work together with business owners and HR professionals to provide the latest training materials, address questions or concerns regarding our learning management systems, and to resolve technical support issues with one-on-one guidance tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

We’ll help you use our tools more effectively to meet your business goals, whether that’s as simple as reducing knowledge gaps or a broad goal to reduce meetings and increase productivity.


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