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What are Metrics and Measurements for LMS?

At Tortal Training, we believe anything that can be measured, can be improved. That’s why our LMS is built with tools that provide snapshots of learner progress, completion status, goal tracking and awarded certificates throughout the training process. Our comprehensive reporting tool provides metric insights and helps our partners analyze training outcomes with broad filtering capabilities. Filtering allows the admin to can create their own custom reports based on date and the business groups they’ve set up.

After taking a course in Tortal’s LMS, learners can easily access and print their own transcripts. Portable transcript information is available at any time to both administrators and learners. These powerful data-collecting and reporting tools are available for all learning object types.

Benefits of Metrics and Measurements for LMS

Data drives big decisions, which is why Tortal puts a strong emphasis on developing useful and efficient tools to analyze learner-driven metrics and measurements.  One of the many benefits of using Tortal’s LMS is the ability to send raw data between systems in any number of ways.

Why Tortal Training?

Tortal Training offers the tools and support you need to bring your company and training program to the next level. We know that data is one of the most valuable currencies in business operations; so, our measurement tools provide users with the opportunity to leverage learner data in detailed reports to enhance training programs.

Metrics and Measurements FAQs

1) Is data exportable to Excel?

The data that is collected for measurement in our LMS can be exported to Excel.

2) Can reports be shared?

Yes! The customizable reports can be downloaded and shared by the admin on the LMS platform.

3) Can group admins run reports on their group of users?

This ability is possible with Tortal’s LMS. For more information or a demo on how to use this feature, contact our support team today.

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