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What is Training Consulting?

A training consultant is a third-party professional who is brought into a company to fix, enhance or design a company’s training strategy. At Tortal, we partner with our clients to provide a complete consultation to initially determine what will best meets their needs.

Depending on the client’s needs, we may perform a training needs assessment, find the gaps in their current training strategies, and isolate opportunities for improvement or designing a training program from the ground up.

In other cases, we work with our clients to review training foundations. We will discuss training principles and identify strong learning objectives. We will determine the best way to measure the success of each objective and training tactic. This allows the client to take the training knowledge and apply these principles to create their own training courses to best impact their business strategy.

Training is an essential part of all business development and success, and there are multiple reasons why an organization may need corporate training. Whether you need to train new employees in their day-to-day responsibilities, or want to assist their customers by teaching them how to use a product or service, as a training consultant, we can design high-quality and effective programs to help you reach your business goals. As time passes, your training goals may change with new products and service launches, or new business ideas. Our consultation team will be there when you need us.

Benefits of Working with a Training Consulting Company

Training and eLearning consulting firms, such as Tortal, work one-on-one with your company to get to know your culture, day-to-day operations, job roles and responsibilities and product or service. In other words, a training consulting company gets to know your company inside and out. After meeting with employees and gathering information, the training consultant will meet with you to determine your business goals and provide training solutions to help achieve these goals.

By working with a training consulting company and receiving a custom training needs assessment, your company is on the track to success. Some of the benefits of working with a training consultant include:

• Save Time and Money in the Long Run
• Identify Performance Gaps
• Create Relevant and Comprehensive Training
• Increase Workplace Efficiency
• Track Your Training Program’s Success
• Achieve Your Business Goals

Why Hire Tortal as Your Training Consultant?

Tortal is a national leader in the training and eLearning industry with the experience and knowledge needed to bring your company’s training program to the next level. When you partner with Tortal for learning development and training, our consultation services are always provided. Our training consultants work closely with our partners to create comprehensive and impactful training strategies designed to increase efficiency and overall success. We base strategies on sound research and education on how the human brain operates, absorbs information, retains it, and processes it. Tortal is the largest franchise training company in the U.S. and was voted “2018 Top 20 Companies to Watch” by Training Industry, Inc. Our proven track record of success has made a big impact in the e-learning business, and we’re still growing!


1) How do I know if I need a training consultant?

Our training consultants can help you determine your business needs. When a business has an issue, people may automatically assume the problem lies in the training. That’s not always the case. As a consultant, we can help you figure out what your business needs to best meet your business goals. We can help determine where the problem lies, and identify the appropriate solutions. At Tortal, we always do consultation first, we don’t want you to spend time or money on something if it’s not necessary.

2) Is a training consultant the same as a business coach?

While a training consultant and business coach both work to develop effective strategies and increase corporate profitability, their methodology and focuses are different. A business coach operates at an executive level within the company to help effect change from the top-down. Similar to Tortal’s Coaching Service with Founder Cordell Riley, a business coach helps an organization’s growth and development by strengthening team culture, individual accountability, effective workplace decisions and aligning the company’s overall strategy to better achieve business goals. On the other hand, a training consultant works from the bottom-up, maximizing employee efficiency within their daily roles to increase productivity to meet production or service goals.

3) What type of businesses use a training consultant?

All businesses and industries can benefit from the use of a training consultant. At Tortal, we work with many types of businesses including but not limited to: corporate businesses, franchises, universities and multi-site organizations. These partnerships, across many industries both national and international, maximize business efficiency and profitability.

4) What is a franchise consultant?

If you’re looking to expand your business and franchise your company, you may want to seek the help and assistance of a franchise consultant to ensure that your company’s growth and development stays on track to success. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of franchising is the implementation of an effective training program. That’s where franchise training consultant company like Tortal steps in. As a top franchise training company in the U.S., our training consultants are dedicated to helping clients meet their training milestones quickly and efficiently. Contact one of our training specialists today with any questions, or to see how we can help build the success of your franchise with our in-house growth masterminds!

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