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I need to build a culture of growth and retention for new employees.


A large, privately owned business had established a strong record of recruiting and hiring motivated new talent. Their challenge, however, was retaining the talent they had hired. The goal was to help each new hire envision a future in management or top company leadership while at the same time building a solution which minimized impact to management bandwidth continually training what was historically a high turnover role.

Large business suffering historically a high turnover, needed to retain hired talent


Tortal Training created a new program of training that enabled each new hire to envision his or her future potential within the company. Working with company leaders, Tortal developed a curriculum that used learner maps, video-based instruction tools, eLearning, and ongoing performance support to educate the new employee on their potential future with the organization and visualize their growth. The full measure of impact to retention is still in process, however, the decrease in bandwidth required to train the new role was significant and immediate.
Once the program was rolled out managers reported immediate increases in their abilities to focus on management matters with the ability to leave the hands-on mentoring of the new employee to more junior personnel. The managers also reported an increase in customer satisfaction primarily through decreased complaints normally associated with a new hire which indicated a faster speed to proficiency for the new employee.

Created a new program of training that enabled each new hire to envision his or her future potential within the company

Business Results:

New employee training time has been reduced by as much as 90%. Retention rates have been increased primarily in the amount of time a new hire stays before moving on. In other words, historically the majority of new hires leave within the first 30 days whereas now new hires are typically leaving after 6 to 9 months usually for a role with more responsibility, especially when one isn’t immediately available.

Employee training time reduced 90%