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I want to increase revenues in my sales department, I need sales training.


An onsite retailer at a motorsports event had some employees in their kiosk operating at 3/4 production capacity as the majority of their employee population. The natural deduction was the other employees needed sales training. The Tortal Team was not convinced sales training was the issue and so endeavor to conduct observational research and job task analysis on their top performers.

Conducted observational research and job task analysis on top performers


The results were very enlightening to the leadership team of the company. It turns out their top performers were masters of process and procedure. Their experience had taught them how to process transaction in less than 30 seconds vs. the average minute and 45 seconds. The top performers processed almost three times the customers in the same amount of time while also increasing their average order and repeat business. Customers actually sought these employees out at entirely different motorsports properties. The Tortal Team distilled from their research 7 categories in which the top performers leveraged simple techniques to increase efficiency. The Tortal Team documented these techniques and crafted the knowledge into 7 short interactive eLearning lessons.

Distilled from research 7 categories the top performers used simple techniques to increase efficiency and crafted the knowledge into 7 short interactive eLearning lessons.

Business Results:

Upon roll out the impact was almost immediate across the entire population. Average sales increased over 15%, transactions processed per minute doubled and total transactions increased. What’s interesting is the training had the effect of enhancing everyone’s performance. The “worst performers” because significantly better and the “best performers” also turned in better metrics. It had the effect of a global shift of their performance bell curve. The organization has since reported they’ve noticed a drop off in performance after a few events or months and so has instituted and “refresher” requirement to keep the techniques top of mind for the learners.

15% increase of sales