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Information Technology


Gregg Dumont is a full service, go-to technology problem-solver for Tortal clients. Gregg is there to solve customer issues when they arise. “It could be that a client’s mobile device isn’t fully compatible with a training program, a browser problem arises, there is a problem with a certificate, that Flash isn’t running properly or needs updating,” Gregg Says, “or that a client wants the same screenshot to be used on every slide throughout their training.”

And when issues like that arise, Gregg rolls up his sleeves.


Gregg started working as an office temp for Flooring America and CCA Global Partners more than 15 years ago, but quickly became a highly capable solver of tech problems of all kinds. Five years later, he went out on his own and started his own consulting company, keeping his former employer as one of his clients.

About two years ago, he started working closely with Evan Hackel, Tortal’s CEO, on a variety or web development and other projects and everything was going so well that Even invited him to join Tortal as a permanent member of the team.

Getting Personal

Gregg lives in, and loves, New Hampshire. Among his many accomplishments, he founded, a successful online database of information and reviews about movies.

But most of all, Gregg likes being a dad to his 10-year old son and 6-year-old daughter. “I started working out of my home so I could spend lots of time with them after school. We love playing video and board games, going to their favorite stores,” he says. “It is the most important thing to me.”

“I also love cooking for them and being with the people I really care about,” Gregg says.